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Reference information related to Geodyssey Limited can be found at:

Collection of Hipparchus Geopositioning System related papers can be found at:
Hipparchus-related papers

An interview that, among other trivia, tells the story of "Point Nemo":
Point Nemo and assorted trivia

What next: GlobeCalc

PGP (2.6.3ia-multi06) - Public key:

Type Bits/KeyID    Date       User ID
pub  2048/3585AF69 2020/04/08 HorLux2020

Version: 2.6.3ia-multi06


Binary form of this public key may be downloaded by following this link.

Important: Please note the PGP version specified in the public key header above.

Practice has demonstrated that none among the contemporary variants of PGP-family of applications is robust and simple enough for everyday use by the general Internet community. The older version (2.6.3ia-multi06) which works with the public key presented above can be used without any "installation" and requires no permanent on-line connection. Encryption and decryption is achieved with nothing but a couple of simple shell ("terminal") commands, which behave exactly the same under Linux, MS Windows, MacOSX and Unix. At the same time, it is more than strong enough to protect private e-mail traffic from mass surveillance and arbitrary third-party archiving.

This public key (User Id: HorLux2020) is not intended to participate in PGP/GPG WoT, consequently it should not be uploaded to any "key server". Before the use with any sensitive content, verify that the fingerprint presented below, the one obtained by running "pgp -kvc" on the downloaded copy of the public key and (if at all possible) the one obtained over the phone or in printed form from the owner are all identical.

Type Bits/KeyID    Date       User ID
pub  2048/3585AF69 2020/04/08 HorLux2020
Key fingerprint = D777 7C9D D09B 25F4  CE8D F996 4957 242A

PGP version 2.6.3ia-multi06 source code, OS-specific program executables, their checksums and full documentation can be found here, together with an extremely condensed user guide.